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教育 | 聚焦教育万亿级潜力市场

Eyeing on the potential of a trillion-yuan education market

研发 | 奥的斯全球研发中心落户上海

Otis opens Global Lead Design Center in Shanghai

应用 | 苹果推出限制iPhone使用办法

Apple Unveils Ways to Help Limit iPhone Usage

技术 | 空客与威廉森开发海上运输无人驾驶飞机系统

Airbus Collaborates with Wilhelmsen to Develop UAS for Maritime Deliveries



Eyeing on the potential of a trillion-yuan education market

《安永-帕特侬 2018 中国教育行业洞见》日前发布的报告指出,在中国政府全面提高教育质量和促进教育公平的政策环境下,素质教育、职业教育和科技驱动的支持服务将成为未来中国教育板块发展的潜力赛道,持续受到资本关注。

EY-Parthenon released its report Insights into China’s education sector . Under the Chinese Government’s policy of promoting a fair and improved education system, the report found that high-quality education,vocational education and technology-driven support services will continue to attract investment and become the “potential racetrack” of the future development of the education sector.

数据显示,在 2017 年,K12 中小幼学校是投资最大的板块,吸引投资约 55 亿美元,课后辅导和科技驱动的教育服务企业紧随其后。

In 2017, the K-12 primary and secondary school was the largest sub-sector that drew an investment of nearly US$5.5 billion. It was followed by after-school tutoring service and technology-driven education service providers.

得益于出国升学和提升就业力的需求,语言培训机构成为成长最快的领域,吸引投资额同比跃升 417%至 12 亿美元。

Investment in language training institutions surged 417 YoY to US$1.2 billion, recording the highest growth among all sub-sectors driven by the desire of studying abroad and better employability.


Otis opens Global Lead Design Center in Shanghai


Otis has inaugurated its largest research and development center in its global network in Shanghai.


The new Lead Design Center will accelerate development of new equipment and service solutions for elevator and escalator customers worldwide and also support innovation across all aspects of Otis operations.


The new facility is one of three Otis Lead Design Centers around the world. Staffed by more than 500 engineers with expertise across a range of disciplines.


The Center develops standards, high rise elevators, systems and components, as well as other new equipment and service offerings.


In addition to traditional elevator disciplines, the Lead Design Center has a strong focus on strengthening Otis'digital and connected offerings with Otis'continued commitment to product quality and safety.


Otis technology has been serving such iconic buildings as Burj Khalifa in Dubai, currently the world's tallest building, and Shanghai World Finance Center, alongside major infrastructure works such as Pudong International Airport and metro networks nationwide.


Apple Unveils Ways to Help Limit iPhone Usage


According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc. on Monday unveiled new controls to help people curb the amount of time they spend on iPhones and iPads, as well as allow parents to remotely track and limit their children's use of those devices—a response to growing societal concern that adults and children are too focused on phones.

该公司表示,将于9月推出一款名为Screen Time的新应用,为用户提供其使用应用情况的周报告,并让他们设定自己使用这些应用的时间。父母也将能利用这个系统远端监控其子女使用应用的情况,并对其使用设备的时间作出限制。

The company said a new app it will release in September called "Screen Time" will provide users with weekly reports of the apps they use and allow them to set time limits for their use of those apps. Parents will be able to use the system to remotely monitor the apps their children use and limit their time on devices.


Those new features include a new Shortcuts app that will connect the Siri voice command with certain apps—for instance, Siri could state flight and hotel information from the Kayak app with a voice command.

苹果多年来虽提供家长控制功能,但分析师称该系统只让父母对子女使用设备的情况作出限制,而无法进行持续的监控。新的Screen Time功能将改变这一点,给予父母持续监控子女使用设备情况的能力。

Though Apple has offered parental controls for years, analysts say the system only allows parents to set limits on their children's device use—not monitor it on a continuing basis. The new “Screen Time” feature changes that by giving parents those same capabilities.


Airbus Collaborates with Wilhelmsen to Develop UAS for Maritime Deliveries


Airbus and Wilhelmsen Ships Service have entered into a strategic collaboration to drive the development of an end-to-end service for safe deliveries of parcels with an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), in the maritime industry.


The UAS is an innovative system-of-systems that includes aviation-standard UAVs, ground control stations, air navigation systems, and operational and maintenance procedures.


Under this collaboration, Airbus is the overall Skyways system architect and provider.


Wilhelmsen, with its wealth of experience in ship agency services, will develop and provide customer services, and ensure compliance of the UAS operations with maritime safety and security regulations.


The initial two-week shore-to-ship pilot trial will begin in the third quarter of 2018, delivering parcels to vessels anchored off the coast of Singapore – one of the world’s busiest ports.


While drones have already been mooted as one way to deliver items on shore and at sea, the use of UAS in the maritime industry shapes the possibility to enlarge existing ship agency services' portfolio, increase productivity by up to six times, lower delivery costs by up to 90%, reduce carbon footprint, and significantly mitigate risks of accidents associated with launch-boat deliveries.


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